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Question: What is solasX?

Answer: solasX is a product line of Anytime Sign, Inc. introduced in 2013 that enhances the use of Magic Black on SOLAS.

Question: What are the advantages of solasX?

Answer: solasX is superior to other Infrared Solas Patches with Magic Black for several reasons:

1) Longevity - solasX patches made with Magic Black lasts longer than other IR patches.
2) Conformity - solasX patches are soft like leather, so they conform easily to body curves.
3) No Polyurethane - solasX do not contain polyurethane which turns yellow and brittle with age.
4) Exotic colors and metallic capabilities - solasX patches have colors that are brighter and colors can be metallics like silver and gold and "hot" inks like hot pink and neon green.5) Covert capabilities - solasX patches with Magic Black have the ability to hide logos, password information and other design elements which are visible only with infrared night vision.


solasX is a registered trademark of Anytime Sign, Inc.

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